Application designed to help people with dyslexia increase their vocabulary (this is based on personal experience and has zero scientific background).

  • Typescript
  • react
  • gatsby
  • flask
  • aws
  • JAM
  • PWA

What is it?

Wordit was created in order to improve my vocabulary while also improving my software development skills in the process. After reading a book by Norman Lewis I started to focus on interesting words whenever I heard them and attempted to try and use them (but failed) so I decided to create an app to help me do so. The first code I wrote in order to help with this was a pdf scanner in Python which would be able to load in any pdf then scan all the words and add them to an dictionary which kept track on their use. (SIDENOTE: an interesting detail about this is every book I scanned the most commonly used words other than and, I, me, etc where the characters names).

After this I created a PWA in gatsby/react/typescript that would take this data and create a game out of the more interesting words I found.

Once I decided that it was no longer feasible to store this data in a json file, I created a database in mongoDB to store these words and hosted a Flask api on AWS Ec2 to serve my data to application to the user.

The key coding challenge during this project was the ability to undo and redo. This was achieved using a command design pattern by saving the redux state.