VR Teacher

A VR teaching website created with React and Django to help teachers control their classroom VR experiences. Designed in collaboration with a Master's student teaching at Kangan University in order to solve their current teaching needs.

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Django
  • Python

What is it?

Teacher VR brings teaching to the 21st century by integrating Virtual Reality teaching without losing control of the lesson. Teacher VR allows for creation of video lesson plans with a simple click of a button and allows students of all ages and computer literacy the ability to not be left behind.

Teacher VR was designed to solve the real world issue of teachers being unable to teacher a VR lesson where all students are in sync with each other.

'Virtual reality: Encouraging more personalised responses in discussions' 2019, James Hallal and Joseph Lewis.' - "Students found that VR texts were engaging and allowed them to connect more deeply with the topic. Throughout the research, students responded positively to the ‘real-life’ experience. An 8% median increase was seen in the engaging and responding performance indicator. Improvements are also evident in the discourse analysis, which created a more authentic discussion, and the focus groups, which allowed the students to provide feedback about their experience."