Visual effects production pipeline web and desktop application. Created using React, Flask and Electron, providing a consistent and collaborative working environment when working on a remote basis. Used by over 100+ people ranging from producers to visual effects artists.

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Electron

What is it?

A custom, in-house pipeline platform for the Visual effects UK based company Cinestron. The program, named 'The Civilization' was designed for small - medium size businesses, with the purpose to eliminate deficiencies in post-production workflows by streamlining the process. This is possible due to seamless transition between ftp/management/third party software to occur in real time. A producer can assign jobs to an artist, render a shot through a server to show the client, generate a cost breakdown report or create a bidding proposal for a new show all with a single click of a button.

This project was a transition from an original desktop version created with Python and PyQt to a backend and React.js frontend using TypeScript.

The web version was created due to employees and customers wanting to be able to access the CRM components on their phones or online. To meet this need we transitioned the entire frontend of the application to React.js and converted many of the Python features to run with a based API. This way we were able to keep a majority of the previously developed code intact while only overhauling the frontend to a web based design.